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What is the PNOE Metabolism Assessment?

The PNOE Metabolic Device is an accurate mobile tool used by major sports teams, olympic athletes and university research programs to assess oxygen usage and carbon dioxide clearance at rest and during exercise. In other words, it assesses metabolic rate.

This measurement allows us to determine your ability to burn carbohydrates and fat for fuel, how to exercise for fitness and weight loss, how to improve the longevity of your lungs and heart and how to become the best at your chosen sport or activity.

What is included in your precision weight loss assessment at My Nurx Pharmacy?

*Please note: your initial visit is 1 hour and programming follow up is 30 minutes.

– InBody Body Composition Scan – to determine your muscle mass and body fat percentage

– Resting Metabolic Rate Test – to determine your calorie burn at rest and fat burning efficiency

– Active Metabolism Test – to determine your calorie burn during exercise and fitness level

What is included in your precision weight loss programming session at My  NuRx Pharmacy?

– Results Review – detailed analysis of both resting and active metabolic rate, VO2Max scoring, fat max determination, etc

– Nutrition Program – based on your calorie burn at rest, fat burning efficiency and nutritional preferences

– Exercise Program – based on your exercise efficiency, muscle mass, aerobic health, access to equipment and exercise preferences

– Holistic Approach and Supplement Considerations – a Functional Medicine approach to weight loss may include hormone balancing, insulin control and inflammation reduction

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