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About Us


We care about our community

The idea to bring a complete nutrition based pharmacy down to the Rio Grande Valley was but a dream to our owners. We started out with Krave Market, a Nutrition based store helping customers find good nutritious foods for Ketogenic, Vegan, Gluten Free and others. Our goal is to do our part and decrease obesity and diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley. 

We are a Compounding Pharmacy that compounds medications to help you restore your body.

Providing you with the best pharmacist for the best care


Dr. Michael Muniz,

Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Muniz is a Compounding and Clinical Pharmacist with a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine with the Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. 


Moses Vento

Compounding Tech

Moses is a certified pharmacy technician with over over 15 years of experience and over 5 years as a compounding pharmacy technician. 

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